Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not accept the existence of information fields, their medical or any other relevance and the TimeWaver systems with their applications due to a lack of scientific evidence as defined by medical standards.

The World of TimeWaver

TimeWaver is a tool that can help you to investigate correlations and deeper levels. A tool that according to our understanding uses consciousness and information as a basis to analyse the different areas of life in the information field and to nourish them with positive informations. Thus TimeWaver is being used by medical practitioners, MDs, naturopaths and other therapists.

As information can also be found in all other areas of life to our understanding the applications of the TimeWaver systems is not restricted on medical topics only. Thus we have architects, agriculturalists, veteranarians, psychologists, business coaches and people from many other occupational backgrounds working with the different TimeWaver systems.

Why? Consciousness and information is part of all areas where people act and interact. According to our model these consciousness processes leave traces and patterns in what we call the information field that we are trying to investigate and balance with TimeWaver.

Information field analysis refers to the ten most important levels of life. The analysis and the pursued restorage of a balance in the information field is what we call balancing and optimization  and serves as a systematic and holistic investigation of the information field.

The TimeWaver systems:

  • Information Field Medicine

  • Microcurrent Frequency Therapy

  • Cardio-Vascular-Diagnostics

TimeWaver – State-of-the-Art

We would like to invite you to become part of our idea and our success.  TimeWaver technological innovation “Made in Germany, Switzerland and the UK”.

Note: TimeWaver can help the user to analyse the information field. Furthermore the user can use the system to influence the information field in a positive direction. Whether this has any physiological relevance for the person has to be decided by the therapist under his supervision.

Information field medicine does not apply to the physical body but exclusively to the informational body of the person. The aim is not the recognition, alleviation or prevention of diseases but the recognition and dissolution of disturbances in the information field. TimeWaver Med does not replace a visit to a physician or a therapist. The content of this website therefore is meant for medical staff and health professionals only.